Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What it means to stand behind your product!

What does it truly mean to "stand behind your product"? We've all seen, read, and in many cases experienced where this has gone terribly wrong - and it ultimately left us with a "bad taste in our mouth".

Years ago, our founder and Chairman of the Board, Marc Mosko, instituted a guarantee that we remain committed to fulfilling - without compromise:

  1. We will replace defective or missing parts from most wooden kits without charge - not even for shipping.
  2. We guarantee all hand tools for life. If it breaks, we will replace.
  3. Return any Model Expo product in original condition within 30 days for an immediate refund - no questions asked.
Free Replacement Parts - Hand Tools Guaranteed For Life - No Hassle Return Policy

It doesn't matter if you've spent $1 or $1,000, we stand behind our products. So recently, when one of our customers contacted us to report a sub-par electric plank bender, we did what we said we would do - we took care of him!

Keith's comments: A few weeks back I submitted a complaint regarding the short life I received out of an electric plank bender that I purchased from you some time ago. I did not demand anything from you. However, I received a new bender from you last week. I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your response. I realize that I am not a big customer of yours so I am greatful that you treated me like one.

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