Thursday, July 11, 2013

Update on Model Expo Parts / Technical Support

I thought I had addressed this topic already and if I have, I's been challenging summer thus far! Our prior parts manager Frank moved on and he is simply irreplaceable. This has left Model Expo with a few hurdles to overcome. And, as you know, all businesses must adapt and roll with the punches; so with that, we've made some changes.

First and foremost, we are NOT discontinuing replacement parts for our (Model Shipways, Model Trailways, Model Airways, Guns of History) manufactured kits, tools, and supplies. If you break, lose, or are missing something from one of our kits, we will send it to you free of charge as we've always done. Yes, our "new" parts manager (Tom) is getting up-to-speed (he works on Mondays & Fridays only). Tom is not a modeler by any stretch of the imagination, he's my Dad .. so be nice! Will he make mistakes? Sure. Is he learning (baptism by fire)? Absolutely! Patience is the key. Frank knew this business inside and out and he had a long time to establish the process; Tom has a steep learning curve, but he's up to the challenge!

As for European parts, with the challenges of supporting our own manufactured kit, we're asking that you try and work with them for your parts. We can try and run point on your behalf however, given this massive disruption in our Parts Service, it's probably better that you email Corel & Mamoli directly for parts. And, we'll no longer have European parts kits; we can no longer afford to have this merchandise sitting around waiting on a request for a random part.

As for detailed / how-to Technical Support, Tom obviously is not equipped to perform this service. As such, we are re-directing all calls for help to this forumFIRST! This is the largest, most detailed forum on Ship Modeling; what better place to send the "technically challenged"? This is a small community and your help to those in need is a great way to "pay it forward"!

Lastly, as always, should you have ANY questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to email be directly -

Warmest regards to all!


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