Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We have customers that still write letters...

Recently, I received a hand written letter and actual photographs of the work of one of our modelers (David Armitage) and I paused to reflect on our on-going transition. Model Expo, like many older companies, is a company in the middle of a technological transformation. For over 30+ years, Model Expo was predominantly a direct mail-based business and our internal processes, systems, and employees supported that type of business (slower response times). While we still mail catalogs and post-cards, this type of marketing is VERY expensive, time consuming, and quickly becoming outdated (much to the dismay of many of our customers).

As the President & CEO of a company that is in the middle of this technological transformation, it is good to be reminded every now and again that some of our older customers still do things the old fashioned way! My challenge, and the challenged for small businesses like Model Expo, is to figure out how to fully embrace / leverage technology and transform the company while not disenfranchising our "older, traditional" customers.

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