Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Phil Cox says Get Engaged!

As you know, our month-long marketing campaign is about getting engaged with your hobby and other modelers. Unfortunately, most modelers take a very self-centered stance and, for whatever reason, do not feel compelled to share their work & know-how with others. Phil, on the other hand, sent us a nice note about his experience. Bottom line, promote the hobby, engage with others, pay it forward, and keep modeling & hobbies ALIVE!

Phil's email: I would like to touch base with you, about your get engaged email. Every time I am at a hobby shop, looking at the models, I always talk to the other people looking at the models. I try to promote the hobby all the time. I invite them to our model car club. I participate in a many model contests that I can afford to. I help out with three Make And Take events, per year.

When I see a younger person looking at the models, I take the time to talk to them about the different skill levels listed on the boxes. I help out the parents and grand parents that are looking for gifts for the younger people. I always pass on tips and techniques to other modelers, when we are chatting.

My advise to anyone who wants to improve their building is to join a model club, go to contests and show your work. Talk to people and ask questions about your weak spots in your building. I'd say that about 99% of the modelers you meet will be happy to talk to you and offer advise. Don't be a hernit in your hobby. You will not learn, if you don't talk to others interested in your hobby.

Modeling is Meditation

Phil Cox
Derby, Kansas

Member of Automobilia Model Car Club
and about 20 Yahoo groups

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