Thursday, May 10, 2012

A nice story from one of our customers

We always love to hear great feedback and a great story! One of our customers recently sent us
a nice email - take a read and learn from his mistake!

This is just feedback. I enjoy the online experience of ordering what I need, when I can. At present I'm trying re-store my solid-hull model of the US Frigate Essex, that I purchased from one your competitors back in the 1970's, before I even found out that your company was around. Had I known about you, I would have ordered one of your models. My present model got semi-destroyed by a 4 yrs old terror! My fault, should have not had it out in an area where the little tyke could get a hold of it. And now, I have limited funds to buy all the time, just once in a while from you guy's, paints, wood, fittings and the such, and etc., etc., etc. Hopefully, some time in the future, when I complete the re-storing of this model, I will gather enough funds to purchase a ship model from Model Shipways & ModelExpo. So stay the course, you have a great company.

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