Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why do we do what we do?

Model Expo designs Model Shipways, Model Airways, Model Trailways, and Guns of History model kits -  the best, most historically accurate, and authentic wood and metal model ship, airplane, wagon, and war arms / equipment scale model kits in the world. One of the questions that repeatedly comes up from our customers, distributors, and even suppliers is - why do we do what we do? Why, in this day and age, do we
continue in the long and laborious process of manufacturing wood & metal model kits for an aging / declining industry?

The short answer is we believe that history, above all things, should be kept alive because it is essential to individuals and to society, and because it harbors beauty. Fundamentally, history helps us understand (1) people & societies and (2) change and how the society we live in came to be. That being said, unfortunately, history is one of the subjects that continues to be eliminated from school budgets and, as a result, we (as a society) are losing much of our past. 

Modeler's who build our kits serve a valuable role in keeping history alive. Through our collective efforts, we are all able to relive what life was like aboard a sailing ship, what it took to manufacture an airplane, what perils soldiers endured on the battlefield, and how settlers traveled the old west. We know why we do what we do. The next question is, why do YOU do what YOU do? Why do you model? Sound-off here and let us know!

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