Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Final Update: Model Expo & the Micro-Precision Table Saw from Preac Tool Company

Unfortunately, after researching what it would take to manufacture the Preac Table Saw, we have determined that it is not economically feasible given all of our other projects and commitments at this time. That being said,we are still actively looking for a new hobby table saw - we have found a few possible substitutes and are working with the various manufacturers - a new saw WILL be coming soon!


  1. How about Proxxon tools.

  2. As you may or may not know, we carried Proxxon for years - and we did quite well with there product. Rather than going into detail as to what transpired in the fall of 2010 with them, let's just say they were unwilling to work with us and, as a result, we opted to abandon the relationship.

    Since then, we have continued to scour the globe in search of new / fresh / unique tools for our modelers. In fact, I believe I may have found the answer to our "missing saw" - we'll know within the next few weeks!