Friday, February 3, 2012

A customer makes the switch from European kits to Model Expo kits!

Recently, I received an email from a customer who, in addition to wondering about the status his Guns of History Civil War Coffee Wagon order, wanted to express his happiness for our kits manufactured here in the USA!

George's comments: I'm a big fan of your products and have stopped buying Italian kits! I'm relatively new to modelling needing something to do when it's too cold to work in my studio doing wood sculpting. I bought a Mantua and an Amati for my first two models. The instructions were, for me, impossible to decipher. A simple picture and a word or two in 8 different languages. My first kit of yours was the Deck Carronade 18th Century 32 Pounder by Guns of History. What a joy the plans were. I then finished the Gatling Gun by Guns of History and have started working on the Battery Forge by Guns of History. The anniversary edition of the Napoleon Cannon and Civil War Limber by Guns of History will be my next ones. In reading other forums, I understand some modellers use a kit as a starting point to scratch building something. That might be a better use of those foreign kits. I built the Deck Carronade 18th Century 32 Pounder by Guns of History back to back, yours and Mantua. There was simply no comparison in the instructions and parts.

So I have shared my opinions with others and intend to exclusively build your kits from now on.

Regards, George Tanty - Santa Fe, NM

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