Sunday, October 14, 2012

Is business really headed in this direction?

So here I sit, in the Charlotte NC airport, waiting on my return flight to Fort Lauderdale, FL after the iHobby Expo show in Cleveland. Why am I sitting & waiting? Well...
I tried getting on a earlier flight with US Airways to Fort Lauderdale but was advised that there was a $75 upcharge for the change? Really? Is US Airways that financially unstable that my $75 upcharge fee (to a CENTER seat, with carry-on) would put them into the black for the day/month/quarter? Poor choice US Airways, poor choice indeed. I'd rather sit here in NC for another few hours and share how great I feel about your company with my customers!

Please tell me that business in the USA is NOT headed this way - upcharges for a simple change (unless, of course they did something "wrong" - whatever that means), per bag fees, etc. I'm starting to think that businesses in the US do not want our business! Of course, I'm coming from a "small business" perspective, where we take care of our customers in every way possible. Model Expo, for sure, will NOT be adopting these policies for customer support.

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  1. Eric, great comment! I does appear that many businesses have lost site of customer focus, customer service and satisfaction. To survive businesses need to work in support of customers not inspite of customers. Most successful business transactions are based upon relationships and US Airways does not need your relationship or many others it would appear.