Wednesday, October 17, 2012

iHobby Expo Cleveland Pictures & Results

John & I are back from the iHobby Expo in Cleveland - we had a good time! The most important
result of the show for us was getting the chance to meet our two newest designers - Sam Cassano & Ken Foran. Check out the pictures below & enjoy!

The Model Expo Booth

The Model Expo Booth - Closeup of kits on display.

Sam Cassano (on left) and Eric Snow (on right) plotting
the future of Model Shipways, Model Expo, and the 
Hobby Industry! 

Sam Cassano (left) next to the USS Essex
Ken Foran (right) next to the Western Buckboard


  1. I live in Cleveland and would have loved to go to this show! Sadly, I didn't see it advertised anywhere and was completely unaware of it. Next year, perhaps the organizers or vendors could send some emails or Facebook posts out? I'd be there in a heartbeat and probably bringing home a trunkful of new models to tinker with!

  2. @Bob - yes, we were also disappointed that they didn't advertise this until the last minute (some of our customers said they heard about it on the radio on Thursday). We tried via email, Facebook, etc - too little to late.

    Still not to late to take advantage of deals though Bob :-)