Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What model kits are in your "closet" waiting to be built?

We recently ran a survey to try and "model" our customers behavior with respect to model kits. Specifically,
we wanted to try and determine:

  1. How many kits do you have in the "closet", waiting to be built?
  2. What type(s) and brand(s) of kits do you have in the "closet"?
  3. What are you planning on doing with these "in the closet" kits?
Our initial results are as expected - most folks have several kits (1 to 5 kits) in the closet, they range from wood to plastic (more heavy on wood), and they're planning on building them (a small portion unsure as to what to do with them).

Why do we want to know this information? Basically, we would like to partner with folks who have kits (new in box, partial, plastic, wood, etc.) in the closet, have no time (or patience, desire, etc.) to build them, and have a desire to move them along to someone else interested in kit building. Partner does NOT mean we are buying "in closet" kits! Rather, we would take delivery of the kits, inventory them, put them up for sale (leveraging our selling, marketing, photography skills), and split the profits 50/50. Out of our 50%, we are covering all the work to sell, listing / shipping fees, customer service, etc.; the other 50% goes to you (in the form of a check or PayPal transfer) with no work on your behalf other than dropping them off at a local FedEx Kinkos office to have them boxed and shipped to Model Expo!

So what does this mean? Well, if you purchased a kit for $100 retail, and we sell it for $500, you'll receive $250, making a $150 off your initial investment (I love simple math). However, if the market says it's worth $50, then you'll receive $25. There is NO guarantee that you'll get back what you initially invested in the kit - it is all based on what the market will bear.

If you're interested, reach out to me via email @ esnow@modelexpo-online.com


  1. An interesting and potentially dangerous (to my wallet's) idea.

    1. Give me a call Harley @ 800-222-3876, ask for Eric, regarding Pay It Forward program, and we can discuss :-)