Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Continue to focus!

Seth Godin, one of the "guys" I follow, recently posted something that resonated with me and where
we're heading with Model Expo. As you know, we build wood & metal model kits. Our Model Shipways, Model Trailways, Model Airways, and Guns of History product lines are rich with historical kits and we're proud to make them here in the USA! We're constantly in the process of eliminating what doesn't matter, what we're not good at, and trying (daily) to move forward where we have opportunity - in the world of model kits! Where are we heading? Good question. We're expanding each of these product lines while, at the same time, investing in new technology that will allow us to grow beyond wood & metal! Our vision is to bring the best modeling experience to you, the customer, at an affordable price - we're hoping we're fulfilling that now and will look to continue to do this for the next 35+ years!

Important, not very good, could get a lot better

A recipe for personal and brand triage...

We invest our time in hopes of a return, prioritizing the important, but sometimes, we waste it on the urgent instead.

What's worth focusing on improving? How about a combination of these three:
  • The important
  • That you currently don't do very well
  • That you're capable of doing a lot better if you invested effort and time
Eliminate the things that don't matter, that you're never going to get better at or that you're already good at. What's left are the places where you have the opportunity to change your position in the market.

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