Thursday, December 13, 2012

A customer speaks out about Model Expo kits!

Four months ago, we received a review on the Fair American 14-Gun Privateer by Model Shipways from a customer (Frank J. Ryczek, Jr.) - it was posted on the comment section of our Fair American kit page. While not the best review, it was an independent review and we allow folks to share their experiences and speak their mind. Frank recently posted a follow-up to his review of the Fair American 14-Gun Privateer by Model Shipways and has since changed some of his thoughts - that Model Expo is the best place for the scale ship modeler, fledgling beginner or expert model shipwright, period!!!

<Frank's updated comments on the Fair American 14-Gun Privateer by Model Shipways>

Dear Model Expo-

After reading my original posting of 4 months ago, I now realize just how harsh I was regarding the Fair American kit build. I started this kit on commission for my good friend Josh, who by the way has 8 of my finished ship models in his private ship model collection. All of those 8 ships are plastic models, but super detailed and all built with care and highly researched as any ship should be before tackling a model of the prototype.

Josh wanted me to "kick up his collection a notch" and asked if I could possibly build him a true museum wooden model. I gladly accepted taking on the kit.

The transition of building plastics for some 30 + years and then going head long into a wood ship model is a much different animal. Yes, I was faced with some difficulties, but my patience overcame those hurdles and I steered to proceeding with the model.

I will say this about Model Shipway kits, they are tops!! The hardest thing about the shipmodel was the planking and I have done a lot of internet research on just how to do it. After all I have read and looked at it left my head spinning. I decided that the best way to learn is by doing it, try or fail, it's a true learning process, and I'm a better modeler because of it.

I started the Fair American back in late February of this year and I expect to deliver the finished model to my client before Christmas.

I love doing the rigging and it is my favorite process of scale ship modeling. Many guys in my model club cringe when I explain the rigging process to them, but to me it's the absolutely most relaxing part of constructing a classic ship model.

I have saved every shot of the construction process of the Fair American just for my own study and I would suggest this process to anyone assembling a wooden ship model for the first time. It's a great way to see the model "come together and get salty"!

I will send you photos of the finished Fair American when she is completed! I have to say that she is museum quality. I had researched the rigging for the type of rig of a Colonial brig, and my model is very accurate in that case. I have read that the rigging plan for the Fair American is not accurate and a little research on the part of the ship modeler will pay off in huge benefits and a model the builder will be proud to show off to anyone anywhere.

I know this reply is long in the tooth, but I just had to express fully that Model Expo is the best place for the scale ship modeler, fledgling beginner or expert model shipwright, period!!!

High tides, always-
Frank J. Ryczek, Jr.
Maritime Artworks Limited
Jacksonville, Florida

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