Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Have you toured our factory yet?

Many of our customers show up at the Model Expo offices in Hollywood, FL and are surprised to find
that we actually manufacture our Model Shipways, Model Airways, Model Trailways, and Guns of History product lines of kits! Usually, they're on vacation and decided to swing by to see the "store". Unfortunately, we closed our store years ago however, we still have plenty to see AND you can still buy from us!

When folks come in, I usually give them the tour of our facility. Starting in the back with our laser machines, moving into our casting operation, assembly area, warehousing, then finally up front in our mini-museum of completed model kits. What better way to shop than to go in the back and see how it's done?!?!

We thought this was common-place - it's not. Chuck Passaro, one of our Master Designers, sent us a link to a thread about our tour and the wonderful experience one of our customers had. Within the thread, you'll see that other operations frown on a factory tour. Maybe it's insurance reasons, maybe there's not much to see, maybe they're hiding something - who knows. At Model Expo, you are ALWAYS welcome to check out our operation!

Click here to read the Model Expo Factory Tour Thread!

Lasers in action
100 Watt Laser in Action
Casting Machines
Casting Bench
Assembly Area




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