Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our customers sound off on our model kit quality!

We love seeing and hearing feedback from our customers! Whether it's the good, the not so good, or the ugly,
we want to hear from YOU! Take, for instance, the feedback we recently received from one of our customers on the Model Shipways USN Picket Boat #1 via our Disqus comment tool (at the bottom of each product page on our website):

Glen Senkowski, Harvard MA, feedback: This has to be one of the nicest ship model kits I have seen in 50+ years of modeling. They even mark the frames for accurate plank runs and mark each frame to help in spiling. The only detracting feature is the scribed planking on the decks, but that is an easy fix with a thin overlay of basswood. Well done, Model Shipways!

Thanks for the feedback Glen - we appreciate it and are anxiously awaiting pictures on your build!

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